First Baptist Church of Tryon
Sunday, August 09, 2020

Sunday Worship

At First Baptist Church we believe that worship is more than attendance.  We believe that authentic worship requires participation.  In other words, we believe worship is a verb
Worship occurs as the gathered community actively offers authentic praise and thanksgiving to the Triune God.  As Baptist Christians we drink from the deep well of Holy Scripture, while also sharing from the rich traditions of the Christian church.  By following the Christian year we maintain an important rhythm and vitality in our services.  We especially find meaning as we journey through the seasons of Advent and Christmas, and Lent and Easter. 
While there is much conversation about worship styles and preferences these days, we believe that Christian worship is always a merging of the ancient with the new.  Most people would label our worship "traditional" but that doesn't mean stuffy, boring or irrelevant.  We believe you will find our worship authentic and meaningful.